Coaching, Facilitating, Creating.

Khulbha is founded on a passion for enabling personal and professional growth.
By assisting individuals to view life holistically and integrally, we inspire
positive change to stimulate growth through the different stages of life.

Building a solid, non-judgmental relationship based on trust, we partner with clients to explore various perspectives to generate sustainable practices for exceptional performance in all spheres of their lives.

By incorporating creative, collaborative exercises, we facilitate personal growth and unlock the potential for out-of-the-box ideas which inspire innovative thinking for individuals, their companies and communities.


We use a number of tools and techniques based on the most relevant and current research to create and design workshops that are compelling and memorable. 

Kavita’s passion to develop and empower people has stood her in good stead to support and assist others to grow. Her vast experience in SME development and Executive education has motivated her to offer Leadership Coaching for entrepreneurs and managers, and to facilitate and design workshops for corporate groups.

Some Of Our Clients